Something new.

imageStarted a new mixed media piece. This is still at the early stages with a few washes of thin acrylic paint. I tend to build up the colours and the next stage is adding thicker paint to create more depth. After that soft pastels and collage.  I look forward to posting the finished artwork.


Spent the other morning working on this over at the lovely Elizabeth Armstrong’s studio. Always generous with her time and knowledge she explained to me how to steam leaves on paper to create a print. So I when I got home I gave it a try with a degree of success. Perhaps I need to be a little more patient in future and wait longer. I will try again as I think these papers would make lovely backgrounds for Lino prints and terrific bound together as an artist book.


The beauty of naive art.


I love naive art and have always painted in this style. One of my favourite artists is Anne Marie Graham, a wonderful artist. Born in Austria she came to Australia when she was quite young. Her series based on the Royal Botanical Gardens is beautiful. You can see her on ‘Colour in Your Life’.

This is one of my naive paintings of the vineyards in the local area. Hope you enjoy.

Just like  to say thanks to the people who have sent positive feedback about my art. It’s great to hear that you enjoy my work.

Loving colour

I adore colour, the more there is the happier I am. But I have learnt to restrain my colour palette and am probably a better artist for it.

Using colour more effectively was another skill I learnt at Artescape. We had to select two colours and white and blend them to create new colours and shades. Then use these two colours to create a painting. This was fantastic for me because now I am being more selective with the colours I use.

Mind you I still like to add a little extra to my paintings but now I think it is more successful.


Finding inspiration can often be quite difficult or it can just flow. Often there are themes that will inspire me in a number of mediums and places I have been to is always a great starting point as I love working with buildings and towns.

In these paintings and lino prints I have used the city of Salzburg again and again as it is a town I know quite well and love to visit.

Mixed media

As I said earlier I participated in Artescape Cairns last year. Some of the sessions really took me out of my comfort zone and pushed me much further than I thought I could go. But it wasn’t till I got home again and started playing, experimenting and using the knowledge and ideas from the course that I really got a feel for where I wanted to head with mixed media.

I also found out how to put that negative voice that often invades our thoughts back where it belongs and remember that as long as I am happy with my art, that is what is important. Play, experiment and have a go at something new, but above all enjoy what you create.

And thanks to artist Paul Macklin for helping us learn rules and break rules.

Felt making


Here is the other creative pursuit I enjoy, felt making. I first found out about felt making about 7 years ago and had a class with felt artist Elizabeth Armstrong of ‘Studiofelter‘, a very talented artist. Over the years I have been back and forth and enjoyed many class and chats with Elizabeth and have also taught lessons at school to the kids and the teachers. It is great fun and very relaxing.

Elizabeth dyes the merino wool herself and the colours just shout out to you to create something beautiful.

This deer head is my own design.

Mixed media


Since participating in Artescape last year, I have been keen to try my hand at more mixed media work and have really enjoyed the freedom it brings to my work. This was something I really needed to find, as much of my work is very ordered and careful.

Artescape was a terrific experience. Great people, great place and great opportunities to try something new and feel challenged, which I did!

Now I’m incorporating paint, dry pastels and collage into my work which have mainly been landscapes plus a couple of birds which seem to be a motif that I tend to return to, particularly with my printmaking.

Check out the 2016 Artescape Cairns line up, wish I could go again this year.