Finding my style, finally!

I have been creating art of some kind or another since I was young. And I have tried all number of arts and crafts looking for my ‘thing’ my ‘style’ and now after all those years I think I have finally found what I have been looking for.

A style that blends everything I enjoy.

Colour but with a limited palette that allows for better tone in the painting but still strong colour and variety of colour. Naive art, as that has always been my first love, I think it is the Austrian background. There is a simplicity and joy to naive art but now I think my work has a little more modern feel to it. More freedom and movement in the style of painting than I have managed before as usually I painted with a very tight style. And realising that it is important to paint what you know but that you can make it become whatever you want it to be. Hope that all makes sense!

I’m hoping to create a few more artworks now and take them to show to a local gallery or two and see what happens. It is a big risk for artists to get their work out there and I guess you have to accept that not everyone will love it as much as you do or even as much as your family does.

So I’m excited to reach this stage.

Let me know how you managed to find your style or got your art work exhibited. I would love to know.



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