Autumn Colour


Autumn has truly arrived here in the Yarra Valley with some gorgeous colours.

I find these colours start to show up in my paintings. The beautiful vermillion, warm yellows, red gold and lovely citrusy greens that add a zing to the work. These colours are particularly noticeable at the wineries throughout the Yarra Valley.

I was just thinking about how each new thing we learn in art, or just in general, makes such a difference to the art work we create. Having had no formal art training, other than some workshops and looking at art, my art has been a great deal of trial and error ( with plenty of the latter) and a cupboard full of different styles of paintings. But now I am starting to pull together what I have gleaned over the years from all the different learning opportunities.

I have always had a pretty good eye for colour but looking at the work of the Impressionists has improved the way I put the colours together so that they play off each other. Learning to apply the media I am working with more freely has made a big difference to my work in many ways. And teaching art has been a great opportunity to play with different styles and look at lots of artists.

Nothing we learn is ever wasted, sometimes it just takes a while to use it.



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