Print of the month.

imageFeeling a little bit special that the Firestation Print Studio used one of my prints as their ‘Print of the Month’.

This piece was for a fun exhibition featuring made up birds that were a little bit quirky and a little bit unusual.

If you check out their website, Facebook, blog you will see some fantastic prints and there are great workshops to get involved in.



Favourite Colours

I have a heap of paint tubes featuring a variety of colours but I always go back to a few favourites. Perhaps it is because they best suit the colours around me. I love red gold it is great for adding warmth or mixing with cool colours to create new colours of varying shades.

When I’m printmaking I have a tendency to use turquoise often it’s a fun, fresh colour.

In my mixed media pieces I love some purples, oranges or that lovely red gold again and perhaps a hot pink to add some spark and vibrancy.

So do you have favourite fall back colours in your work that just keep reappearing?

Why do you create art?

Artists are often asked why do they create Art and for me it is a lovely way to document places I have been, things I see in my local area and when travelling and a great way to have fun and make something enjoyable. Hopefully others will enjoy it too. I like to make art that makes you smile!

It is good to listen to other artists talk about their art and why they create. Recently I found the stunning work of Scottish artist Blythe Scott and watched a short YouTube  with her talking about her work and why and how she does what she does.

I also like to check out English artist Alan Furneaux as he has a regularly updated blog featuring little clips about his work.

Another terrific artist I like is Timo from New Zealand and you can see his amazing paintings on ‘Colour in your life’.

What drives you to create art?