Mixed Media Artist Book

I have been combining paint effects, lino print and collage to make these simple artist books. It is lovely to mix different media and allow more freedom in your work.  The top book started out with colours and shapes inspired from the mangrove foreshore area in Cairns. The second little book was all about the stylised plant shapes and of course there has to be a bird or two in the picture. I think this book has more of an outback feel to it with large blue sky and warm rock formations.

Now I’m just thinking about the best way to make a cover for the books.



Artist Books.

imageI am planning to put together an Artist book, mainly of Lino prints, from a holiday and have been considering size, shape and layout. I think a concertina book is probably the way to go. Not sure if I should work individual pages or go with a long piece of paper with folds. I may even mix prints, sketches and quick watercolours maybe even work some mixed media into the book. Any suggestions?

Too many options! In the end it will be like a travel journal which I think is a lovely way to remember a holiday.

These are just a couple of trial pieces just to have a play.


Colour on a dreary day.

Today has been a dull and dreary day for the Yarra Valley. Lots of fog in the morning and very cold all day. So I thought I would add a little bit of colour to the day with a few paintings and half a dozen beautiful king parrots in the back yard, possibly a bit hard to see!

The great thing about painting is you can change your mind and paint over something that just doesn’t want to work for you. Unlike printing where the mistake is there and you need to start again which is what happened to the piece I was working on recently for The Firestation Print Studio Cards. The background was done and I was going to use a selection of individual linos to make up the top layer. Got the first two done the ever so slightly dropped the lino and left a light imprint on the artwork, nothing I could do but start again. There is a happy ending though I have managed to make the next one a success!