Salzburg Style

Salzburg is full of little hidden treasures that can easily be overlooked. Not just the home of Mozart and the Sound of Music, Salzburg is stylish and fun all at the same time. As you wander the little alleyways they open up to markets, shops filled with decorated eggs and Christmas ornaments or beautifully decorated buildings with mosaic, paintings and words.

Next time you are there take the time to just meander, look in doorways and alleyways for all the artistic touches this town has to offer.


Beautiful Verona

Having a bit of fun painting little postcard memories of places that I visited recently. Verona was beautiful, although quite busy for a few days with the Opera season on the go. Fascinating to see the gigantic props sitting in the piazza alongside the Arena waiting for the next show. Gorgeous architecture and colours around the city.

Also loved Garda on the lake, the colours were stunning! Middle of summer yellow, warm terracotta, blues and greens of the water, so relaxing!

Visiting Klimt

Klimt is probably most famous for his golden art works but my favourites must be the beautiful landscapes he painted around Attersee in Upper Austria, just stunning. The country side is is full of blues and greens with traces of other colours. Here is Krammer Castle on the edge of the lake, a view of Villa Paulick and a scene toward Seewalchen, which I think will make a lovely painting.

Travel and art

Travel and art work so well together. When travelling I find I am always looking at views that will make good ideas for art works. They could end up being watercolours, acrylic paintings, Lino prints or mixed media works.

Taking time to draw is a great way to have a rest or sit and do some small quick paintings that could become bigger works of art later.

Looking forward to creating something special from these pictures or even combining ideas. You can do what you want when making art, that’s the great thing.

Watercolour journal.

I have been keeping a journal of places visited on a recent trip. I haven’t had much experience with using watercolours but they are great to take with you on when you go away. You don’t need much space and they don’t make a lot of mess. These pictures are from Tirol in Austria. These sketches are also good for planning further works in collage or Lino prints which I hope to do. I should have enough material, I took way too may photos!