The Nature of Shape.

Looking for something different, why not start with some beautiful organic shapes. Repeat them, turn them, overlap them, mix them up and then add lots of wonderful colours. It is a great way to to create beautiful abstract art particularly if you enjoy mixed media and collage.

Seeds and seed pods are also a terrific starting point. I could spend hours just sketching, cutting and pasting wonderful shapes. But it is very important that the colours work together otherwise the artwork will not have ‘it’.

Think about the papercut art of Matisse and have a look at the work of artist Rex Ray. Fantastic shapes, colours and patterns.


These are all photos from trips. Hobart fishing baskets, plants from New Zealand and Cairns and bird’s eye view, leaving Victoria and arriving in Auckland.


Places that inspire art.

Colour, roofs, water, mountains, buildings, modern and old. All of these things make me think about art and what I can create and what is the best medium to convey the impression I want to create.

The colours of Singapore, Melbourne’s beautiful Yarra River, lovely Tasmania, Waiheke Island in New Zealand, Burghausen Germany, Cesky Krumlov, Austria’s lakes and of course Hundertwasser’s Vienna are all wonderful starting points for great art.

Some of the scenes have already become the basis for my artworks.

It can be quite difficult at times to feel inspired but I often check out my photos and get new ideas. Sometimes just going for a walk, playing music, looking at other artworks or just jumping in can all be good ways to get inspired.

Hundertwasser was inspired by nature and the ‘naive’ works of Rousseau and Klee and the Art Nouveau works of Klimt and Schiele. His dreams also provided lots of inspiration.

Sometimes you just have to let go and explore and see what happens. If it works great, if it doesn’t, oh well you can always turn it into something else or use parts of it in another artwork.

If only more buildings had colour like these! Now that’s inspired!

What’s new?

After the trip overseas, my current project is to create a Lino print artist book featuring eight different places that I visited. Some of the designs are based on the watercolour pictures I did while travelling other designs came about when I got home.

The eight pieces will form a concertina book that link together through the Lino carvings. I’m looking forward to having them all carved but I think it will take a little while. I’m finding that each block, 20×20 cm is taking some time to carve and then you have to hope that the print lives up to the original design. Sometimes you print and it can be a bit of a let down and maybe a new piece needs to be created.

Featured places include; Verona, Innsbruck, the Duomo in Florence, Litzlberg Insel on Attersee and Hundertwasser Haus in Vienna. Only 3 done so far, so plenty of carving to do!

Mixed Media Sampler

A close up look at small sections from some mixed media works. I have used a mixture of water soluble graphite, acrylic paint, pastels and collage materials, working over and over until I’m happy with the colours and texture. I think you can be quite bold with your colours and mark making to free up your work.

It is great to experiment with the way you apply your chosen media, even flicking and dribbling a bit of paint here and there! I know my art students love to flick a bit of paint and really have some fun and freedom applying paints and dyes.


Watercolour travel diary.

Playing with watercolours while away was a terrific way to keep a record of some of the places I visited. If it was a quiet evening or the weather turned, as it has a habit of doing in alpine areas, creating some fun watercolours was very relaxing.

These two are Durstein, not too far from Vienna and Igls near Innsbruck.A great place for walking if the weather is good!

Think I will make a little concertina book with the better paintings or use them as a jumping off point for future art.

Vienna, city of art and cake!

What an incredible place Vienna is! So full of art it really is amazing. Visit the Kunsthistorische Museum and there is a famous painting around every corner.

Hundertwasser’s apartment and village is exciting to see but even better, I thought, was the Hunderwasser Museum an absolute must to visit. It was fascinating and so full of colour and movement even the undulating floor was fantastic.

Check out the Museum Quarter and see Egon Shiele’s art which is very moving. I loved the landscapes the best. And if you want to see some beautiful Klimt works Belvedere is a must.

Now when all that is seen and done you can’t go past Cafe Central in the Freyung, a beautiful area and great to stay in as you are close to everything. Cafe Central was frequented by Freud and Trotsky and no wonder with their beautiful cakes.

Vienna is truly the home of all things cultured and a little bit fun too!