Places that inspire art.

Colour, roofs, water, mountains, buildings, modern and old. All of these things make me think about art and what I can create and what is the best medium to convey the impression I want to create.

The colours of Singapore, Melbourne’s beautiful Yarra River, lovely Tasmania, Waiheke Island in New Zealand, Burghausen Germany, Cesky Krumlov, Austria’s lakes and of course Hundertwasser’s Vienna are all wonderful starting points for great art.

Some of the scenes have already become the basis for my artworks.

It can be quite difficult at times to feel inspired but I often check out my photos and get new ideas. Sometimes just going for a walk, playing music, looking at other artworks or just jumping in can all be good ways to get inspired.

Hundertwasser was inspired by nature and the ‘naive’ works of Rousseau and Klee and the Art Nouveau works of Klimt and Schiele. His dreams also provided lots of inspiration.

Sometimes you just have to let go and explore and see what happens. If it works great, if it doesn’t, oh well you can always turn it into something else or use parts of it in another artwork.

If only more buildings had colour like these! Now that’s inspired!


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