Lino Print Artist Book, finished!

It has taken some time to get this project done. There are quite a lot of processes to go through to create an art work.

This project started with a collection of watercolour pics and sketches for each print. I decided I wanted the pictures to be connected to each other in some way so I had to work out an element to flow through the eight Lino prints. The middle prints worked the best.

Next it was all the carving, two of them I redesigned as I wasn’t happy with them. Then a run of practise prints to check for problems, a little bit of cleaning up of untidy areas.

Finally it was time to print the final pieces which I was very happy with. The prints then sit on the floor for a few days until the ink is dry. Now I have joined them together to make a concertina book. I haven’t as yet worked out what the cover will be, but I want something special. Any suggestions?

I have another artist book on the go but this will be a mixed media piece, quite different, should have some pics for this very soon.


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