Art Holiday Ideas Anyone?


It is lovely to spend time working alongside other artists and watch how they work and share ideas and techniques, you always learn something new.

Last year I enjoyed a two day print workshop in Auckland New Zealand and five days at Artescape in Cairns. It was lovely to talk with the other artists because you can often find yourself spending a lot of time alone when you create art.

I tend to go from very busy days teaching art at school to very quiet times when I am creating art and often there isn’t a great deal of time to chat with others who have the same interests. It can become isolating if you are not careful and that is why joining a group is a great idea. I belong to The Firestation Print Studio and that has been a great bonus, providing terrific opportunities I would never have been able to do independently.

I am really keen to participate in another art holiday, maybe next year, but have found it difficult to locate just the right art holiday. Something with painting or printmaking and probably not too far away. Any one have any suggestions or recommendations?

I saw an interesting workshop in a little town in Scotland, bit far at the moment and of course there are always lots in Italy but I rather fancy one in Australia. School holiday time is good for me but not popular with the majority of art schools, teachers or workshops. So I’m looking for ideas!



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