Solo Travel.

It’s exciting to travel solo but also a little bit stressful when you haven’t traveled solo much before.

During my time in Austria and Italy earlier in the year I spent a couple of weeks travelling on my own. I have to admit I felt quite brave being an independent traveller. It was good to rely on myself  to make decisions and just get on and do things. And do what you want when you want.

The plan was to travel from Vienna to Igls, near Innsbruck, and go walking each day which I did a a few times but the weather decided to fall in a heap and I wasn’t prepared for high alpine walking in 1 or 2 degrees. So alternatives had to be found and it was very enjoyable just being a tourist and wandering the the towns of Innsbruck and Hall and even doing a bit of shopping! It was my birthday too so that was a good excuse.

From there it was on to Verona. It was great to arrive there and I stayed at the Don Bosco Institute, a school, for the next 5 days. The accomodation was basic but the staff were very helpful and we worked out the language barrier with a bit of help from google translate! (We had stayed in Vienna at the Benedictushaus in the Freyung which is great. Monastery travel is a terrific way to get cheaper accommodation. We had used it in Rome a few years ago too).

The accommodation was a few minutes walk from the Arena and just along the road to the river it was so exciting to be there. Spent a couple of days just checking out the city which is a little like a small version of Rome. Spent one day going to Florence by train to catch up with my son and another day going to Garda on lake Garda by bus.

Now I feel like I could easily do more solo travel.


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