Stencil and collagraph fun

Have just come home from a wonderful 2 day workshop with Sarah Amos at the Firestation Print Studio.

It was all about making and using stencils with your collagraph plates. We started by making 4 collagraph plates on mount card or similar, I used a close up photo of holes eroded into rocks at the beach as my inspiration.

Next it was onto making lots of stencils. Some with texture others simple or complicated cut outs. You can’t have enough stencils apparently!

Day two was all about the printing and I learnt so much from Sarah, she is a terrific teacher and explains everything carefully with plenty of demonstrations, which is essential when learning new skills.

My colour palette for the first prints wasn’t all that great but I took Sarah’s advice and worked in a more earthy palette and there was a great improvement. It was also good to have her advice about layout. Altogether a great workshop and highly recommended if you ever get the chance.

I shall work over the ‘not so good’ prints and see if I can retrieve them!

You should check out Sarah’s amazing work.




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