Creating texture

I have been having a go at creating texture in my Lino prints rather than just using line work. The first picture is my dad when he was young and building a garage, the second is of rock formations in country Victoria and the third The Cathedral Ranges also in Victoria.

As you can see still plenty to learn. A wonderful Australian Lino print artist is David Frazer and his use of mark making to show shape and form is incredible. Well worth checking out his work. Simply amazing. You can also watch him carving on YouTube.

This gives you an idea of summer in country Victoria in summer, dry and rugged in parts and yet still quite lush as you drive through the ‘Spur’ just outside Healesville.


Collagraph making.

At Lino and Print club today I had a go at making a collagraph. They turned out ok but there is a lot to learn about rubbing back the ink in order to get just the right amount of colour. Sometimes it is too pale and at other times the ink spreads into areas that you don’t want it to.

A collagraph is usually made by gluing layers of cardboard or textured materials to make a design. You can also incise into the card to make more patterns and add or remove parts of the cardboard to make shapes. It is important to cover the matrix with a layer of sealer if you wish to keep using your design for a while.

It is a simple technique but what can be created with collagraph techniques can be intricate and beautiful.

Why not give it a go!

Vienna Coffee Culture

imageWith so many beautiful coffee houses in Vienna, I thought why not make that the focus of my next artist book. It’s just a simple book with four panels printed onto one sheet of paper and folded to make a pop out section. The idea is that the panels feature the outside and inside of two coffee houses, loosely based on Cafe Mozart and Cafe Central. Also lovely is Demel, the cafe in the Kunsthistorisches Museum and Cafe Sacher. These five are especially great if you are looking to enjoy gorgeous architecture and decor.

Melbourne Exhibitions



It was a magnificent day in Melbourne, perfect for a day out to visit the gallery and wander the town.

The National Gallery of Victoria, NGV, currently has a terrific exhibition of work by David Hockney. Much of the work is created on an iPad and you could see the development of the work as it was created. Plus there was a collection of 82 portraits painted over two years and also a room with huge, painted landscapes created on smaller panels joined together.


The Ian Potter gallery in Federation Square is featuring the work of Australian artist John Olsen ‘You Beaut Country’. I love his work and you can really see the colours, shapes, rivers, landscapes of Australia. In the art works faces and creatures can be found. There was also two beautiful tapestries of Olsen’s work created by the Australian Tapestry workshop.

I would highly recommend both of these exhibitions

Next book.

Currently making my second artist book for the Firestation show. This one uses a  collagraph paper that I made at the workshop with Sarah Amos. I folded and cut it into a meander/ snake book and then added the collage pieces and made a cover with a window into which I have inserted a tiny collage picture.

The idea for this little book came about while reading the book about Van Gogh’s sunflowers, fascinating read, so I used that as my inspiration. Might be the closest I get to having sunflowers as none of the seeds I planted grew!