Emerging Artists

Getting started as an artist can be hard work and getting your work out there and noticed can be just as hard as creating the art works!

A great way to get support for you and your work is to join a studio or art society where you are able to participate in group exhibitions with other artists.

One of the best things I have done for my art was to join Firestation Print Studio. The people have been wonderfully supportive and generous with their time and knowledge. I have learnt so many new techniques and participated in exhibitions both here and overseas, ( Japan, Atlanta, London, Ireland, Townsville) which has only been possible by being part of the studio.

Bronwyn Rees, an amazing print artist, is always willing to share her skills, advice and experiences. At our most recent exhibition ‘By the Book’ I was chatting with Karen Neal about her work and she generously shared the techniques she used to create her beautiful book, seen displayed on the wall in the above picture. Also John Hinds, who always has something positive to say about my work, thank you John. His amazing book, ‘This Ferral Australis’ can been seen on the table just behind a couple of my books.

I have also been encouraged to start using Instagram so I have and it is also under the name theartfields.

Thanks to Vivian from VBI fabrics for encouraging me with this and to Brad for setting it all up.


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