Should you specialise?

Works in progress.

Have you ever wondered if you should focus on one area of art rather than doing too many things? I have.

I love trying new techniques and learning new skills and I usually find that each new skill improves what I do in the other areas of art that I enjoy.

Some schools of thought say you should work on one thing and become a ‘master’ of that. Others suggest do what you enjoy. Take Da Vinci, he seemed to enjoy having a go at a variety of projects, although perhaps you could call him a master of all of them! What about David Hockney, not only does he paint but he also uses the iPad very skilfully to create fantastic artworks and surely his skills and knowledge in painting carry over to this other medium. A very clever Scottish based artist, Hilke MacIntyre creates beautiful ceramics, Lino prints and paintings. One of my other favourite artists, Bryan Angus is a painter and linocut artist.

Matisse was not only a painter but collage artist and printmaker. Picasso created prints, sculptures, paintings and ceramics.  There are so many artists practising a variety of mediums, why not enjoy them too.

So I have decided that if it is good enough for all these wonderful artists then it is definitely ok for me to continue dabbling in Lino printmaking, painting, collage and collagraph work. I certainly have found that each area has improved my other artworks.


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