Multi layer printing

Just finished a wonderful but exhausting 3 day workshop with the very talented Sarah Amos. We created a stack of collagraph printing plates, laying them out to see what would work well and what need extra attention.

After adjustments, we proofed all our plates and overplayed them building up images.

I learned so much, particularly about colour layering, keep it simple is a great idea, looking for areas that needed a zing and something that makes a statement.

I wish we had another couple of days because you just get into the zone and suddenly the 3 days are over. I think that’s a sign of a great workshop.

I really love this technique and I am amazed at what an intricate print you can create with some simple plates and careful colour choices.

Check out Sarah’s work, I’m sure you’ll be impressed!



Four part print, finished! Sort of.

So the main work is finished on this project and I have made one print to check out that it all works and I have to say I’m quite pleased. Now I need to make a few good prints and I hope to make a large concertina book with the set of four prints. Really the scene could go on and on but you need to stop somewhere!

The view is Grinzing with a view towards Nussdorf. These towns are just on the edge of Vienna and are home to some delightful vineyards and heurige, restaurant/ vineyards.

What would be lovely, would be to spend a longer period of time in the area and really explore the landscape and be inspired by the surroundings and the people. I guess that’s the same anywhere, you really need time to develop your ideas about a place and get past the surface.

It would be wonderful to have to opportunity to participate in an art residency somewhere so that you could really focus your time and energies on your art making. Perhaps one day!

Let me know I found you have enjoyed an art residency somewhere.