Collagraph, the artist’s hand

There’s something lovely about hand made artworks. The individuality, the artist’s hand at work during all stages of the process, the choice and depth of colours and each decision that is made along the way that finally results in the completed artwork.

Over the last two days I finally got around to doing the induction at the Firestation Print Studio, learning how to use the presses properly as I usually print at the kitchen bench, which is ok for Lino printing but you can’t do that for collagraph work. So it was great to be able to learn how to adjust the press to just the right pressure in order to get the desired result in my prints.

You can see the prints that have worked better and those with the correct level of pressure, although there is something still very interesting about other works. Some are ghost prints which create a really interesting layer of depth to the prints what is called palimpsest, the layers that are just distinguishable in the artwork that makes it so interesting to view.

You are constantly making decisions about the colour, the direction and place of each collagraph plate and that is what makes them one of a kind artworks, impossible  to make an edition and each one is a little bit of a surprise when you pull back the paper.

It is also interesting to hear what other people see in the artworks. These ideas can be completely different to what the original ideas of the artist are and that’s great because everyone can enjoy the art for themselves.


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