New and Old but all exciting!

Melbourne is home to some wonderful artwork, both old and new and all very exciting.

The current Triennial at the NGV features some extraordinary art with big ideas , big colour and simply big art! It was great to see so many people enjoying the variety of artwork. Visitors enjoyed the interactive instillations, walking in the art, laying on the art and touching the art, something you would not have been able to do many years ago.

I also loved the iconic Australian artworks from the 19th and 20th centuries at the Ian Potter Centre. It was great to see the art works that featured so heavily in my year 12 art studies many years ago! Margaret Preston, Grace Cossington Smith, (one of my all time favourites), Drysdale, Streeton, Smart, Olsen, they were all there, it was a who’s who of the Australian art world.


Van Gogh at the NGV

The National Gallery of Victoria currently has a lovely exhibition of Van Gogh’s work. It was wonderful to see these beautiful works, especially seeing some that are not so well recognised. We all know; Sunflowers, Starry Night and his Yellow¬†House¬†but to see his lovely pen and ink drawings with the detailed line work which later becomes his busy brush strokes, it was great to see the progression.

Some will argue ‘what is so special about VanGogh’s work?’ I love them. I love the colour. What often comes across as simplicity is actually full of detail, colour, emotion and warmth. It just makes you think what might have been. It was wonderful to look at the work and think he was once standing infront of those paintings too.

It is a pity that he was not appreciated when he was alive. It can take a long time for an artist’s work to be understood, appreciated and accepted. Maybe we should take more care of our artists. Sometimes they are trying to convey a message and at other times looking at an artwork is just about enjoying the moment and it makes you feel good.

Thanks to the NGV for bringing this beautiful work to us.