Van Gogh at the NGV

The National Gallery of Victoria currently has a lovely exhibition of Van Gogh’s work. It was wonderful to see these beautiful works, especially seeing some that are not so well recognised. We all know; Sunflowers, Starry Night and his Yellow¬†House¬†but to see his lovely pen and ink drawings with the detailed line work which later becomes his busy brush strokes, it was great to see the progression.

Some will argue ‘what is so special about VanGogh’s work?’ I love them. I love the colour. What often comes across as simplicity is actually full of detail, colour, emotion and warmth. It just makes you think what might have been. It was wonderful to look at the work and think he was once standing infront of those paintings too.

It is a pity that he was not appreciated when he was alive. It can take a long time for an artist’s work to be understood, appreciated and accepted. Maybe we should take more care of our artists. Sometimes they are trying to convey a message and at other times looking at an artwork is just about enjoying the moment and it makes you feel good.

Thanks to the NGV for bringing this beautiful work to us.


Art Books, Merry Christmas!

imageVery pleased to have been given these three beautiful art books for Christmas! Can’t wait to read them and pour over the beautiful pictures. The book by Bryan Angus is full of his stunning Lino prints from Scotland, oh to be that talented, I shall just have to keep working hard! I find his work is very inspiring and makes me want to try more detailed work.

The Van Gogh book is all about his Sunflower paintings and The Charles Rennie Mackintosh is full of beautiful watercolours from his time in France.

Great holiday down time and something to keep me thinking about the next project.

Gardens as Inspiration.

Artists have long been inspired by gardens and plants. We just have to think about Monet and his beautiful garden Giverny in France, providing a lifetime of inspiration! Van Gogh painted many stunning works; think of Irises, Sunflowers, Pine Trees and Dandelions and his beautiful Almond Blossom. Klimt’s art is filled with flowers and blooming landscapes. Pissarro’s work often featured simple peasant gardens and of course Matisse’s wonderful paper cut out shapes echo back to organic plant shapes. You can see these shapes in his ‘Moroccan Landscape, Acanthus’.

Still our artists use plants and gardens as a source of inspiration. Sophie Munns is a wonderful artist, inspired by the beauty of seeds. I am always impressed with the richness of variety she can achieve using these lovely yet simple shapes. Her use of colour, media and pattern is outstanding and each piece is beautiful. I am waiting to attend one of her workshops as soon as possible!

Heidi Gallery and Gardens in Bullen inspired this hand coloured lino print.

Thanks to Sophie for the use of her lovely pictures on my blog.