I have been having a play with watercolour painting after doing the class with a Mark Dober. It really is enjoyable and relaxing, especially after a day teaching art. I like the idea of trying to loosen up the painting and not worry too much about everything having to be perfect. It is a much more painterly approach, giving an impression of the scene rather than an exact rendering. I can’t help myself though and do feel the need to add layers of pattern detail. I also know I need give more strength to my colours as often everthing seems to have the same intensity so that is something definitely to work on.

Three of these are local scenes from walks around the area, the fourth is supposed to be Litzlberg Island in Attersee.

Each piece is about learning and trialling the technique, you can’t be to precious about your art when learning as it is very rare that the final piece will live up to the scene you have in you head but it is all good practise.


Artist Books.

imageI am planning to put together an Artist book, mainly of Lino prints, from a holiday and have been considering size, shape and layout. I think a concertina book is probably the way to go. Not sure if I should work individual pages or go with a long piece of paper with folds. I may even mix prints, sketches and quick watercolours maybe even work some mixed media into the book. Any suggestions?

Too many options! In the end it will be like a travel journal which I think is a lovely way to remember a holiday.

These are just a couple of trial pieces just to have a play.