Yarra Valley

It has been a magnificent Autumn day. You know those great days when the sky is blue with just a few fluffy white clouds, certainly too nice to be inside. So I spent the morning walking and the afternoon in the Yarra Valley trying to get some new ideas for print making and painting.

I am currently working on some bird Lino prints (I have a thing for birds and building) and would quite like to make a collection of them. Each bird would have a different scene inside it. The idea started with two collagraph pieces I did earlier on. I have kept the designs quite stylised but would like to add some colour. Two real options, first to hand colour and the other is to cut a second block which I think might be the best option. Perhaps a vineyard scene might work in the next bird.

The Yarra Valley really is a lovely area of Victoria and well worth a visit if you are here. There are plenty of tours that take you around the wineries and you can enjoy lunch and perhaps sample some of the wine.



A day in the Yarra Valley

IMG_3024IMG_3035IMG_3025IMG_3032IMG_3054IMG_2978IMG_2979IMG_2974IMG_2988IMG_2970IMG_2969Spent a beautiful day in the Yarra Valley today.

Visited the stunning Tarrawarra Art Gallery and vineyard.

The ‘Panorama’ exhibition was beautiful and featured Brett Whiteley, Fred Williams, Lloyd Rees and Sydney Nolan.

Domain Chandon provided a wonderful place to have lunch and you can check out all the wine making areas. Definitely worth a visit.










Also stopped at Coombe, The Melba Estate, which was the property of Opera Singer Dame Nellie Melba.

Now there is a lovely restaurant, providore and cellar door.

Today has provided me with some great new ideas for paintings.






Autumn Colour


Autumn has truly arrived here in the Yarra Valley with some gorgeous colours.

I find these colours start to show up in my paintings. The beautiful vermillion, warm yellows, red gold and lovely citrusy greens that add a zing to the work. These colours are particularly noticeable at the wineries throughout the Yarra Valley.

I was just thinking about how each new thing we learn in art, or just in general, makes such a difference to the art work we create. Having had no formal art training, other than some workshops and looking at art, my art has been a great deal of trial and error ( with plenty of the latter) and a cupboard full of different styles of paintings. But now I am starting to pull together what I have gleaned over the years from all the different learning opportunities.

I have always had a pretty good eye for colour but looking at the work of the Impressionists has improved the way I put the colours together so that they play off each other. Learning to apply the media I am working with more freely has made a big difference to my work in many ways. And teaching art has been a great opportunity to play with different styles and look at lots of artists.

Nothing we learn is ever wasted, sometimes it just takes a while to use it.